Guide to Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Understanding the script

Egyptian Hieroglyph Fonts

The download here is a zip of four true type fonts for use on Windows based systems.

They were provided by The centre for computer-aided Egyptological research 

A true type font can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. On Windows systems a font needs to be installed before it may be used by programs like 'Wordpad'.

To install, extract the zip. Four files are contained: Glyp1.ttf, Glyp2.ttf, Glyp2.ttf, Glyp2.ttf.
From the start menu select Settings then Control panel. Click the Fonts icon and select 'Install new font' from the File menu. Browse to the above files.

Details of the official common standard system for the encoding of hieroglyphic texts on computer, the Manuel_de_Codage, may be found at

Further details are also available from