Guide to Egyptian Hieroglyphs

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Egyptian hieroglyphics

An introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs

A general introductory ten page guide on deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs.

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Egyptian gods

Egyptian Gods

Overview of the mythology and development of the belief system from local deities to influential global icons.

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Hieroglyph historic periods

Historic timeline

The ten periods that form the almost 3000 year timeline of the hieroglyphs through to the Graeco-Roman period.

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Introducing Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Introducing Egyptian Hieroglyphs
  • Core 30 symbol phonetic alphabet
  • Large quantity of ideograms
  • Unpointed language
  • Symbols used as both pictograms and phonograms
  • Article PDF download here

Interested in the language of the ancient Egyptians, a microcosm frozen in stone, they called the divine words?

Here is an introductory ten page guide. The download link, above right, gives it in Adobe PDF format. A list of references and recommended further reading is here

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